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Gregory Vanderaspaille and his partners are pleased to welcome you in Etterbeek.


Mr. Hacquin started the activity of the fiduciary on January 1, 1979.

He has settled in in Woluwé-Saint-Lambert on January 1, 1980.

Mr. Hacquin has been an accountant and a tax advisor since the creation of the Belgian Institute of accountants and tax advisors on March 9, 1987 ! The fiduciary has been constituted in December 1989.

On March 15,2015, a new partner arrived. Gregory Vanderaspaille joined the fiduciary as an intern accountant and tax advisor. In addition to the assiociates, the fiduciary is composed of two employees and two subcontractors who are members of the Belgian national institute of the accountants and chartered tax experts.

The whole team updates its knowledge in the field of accounting and taxation. It attends compulsory continuing training for this purpose. This serious training is provided by the Instute itself or by other professionnal organisations.


Our fiduciary is chartered by the Institute of accountants and tax advisors.
Moreover, we have 40 years’ experience. We are proud to offer you
reliable services ! Over the years, we have been able to win the loyalty
of our customers. They therefore have confidence in our skils and seriousness.

In addition, we are constantly developing in order to keep up with new technologies. As experts in our field, we ensure that we are always efficient and use the latest accounting and IT tools at our disposal.

We carry out our missions conscientiously and in a spirit of collaboration. But we make it a point of honour to maintain our indepence.

These conditions allow us to carry out our various missions with integrity and objectivity which have always characterized the fiduciary.

Interested in receiving our advice and learn more, do not hesitate to contact us.

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