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  • Taxation and tax advice (all tax returns, taxations, contributions, advance payments and tax procedures,…)

  • VAT statements and questions concerning VAT

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We manage all accounting (general, analytical, company…), draw up, analyse and publish balance sheets and annual accounts, create and support you with your financial plan.


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We can offer you three different services for your bookkeeping :

  • We take care of all your accounting and you send us your documents monthly or quarterly.

  • You scan your accounting documents that are sent to us directly via our software. We provide you with access so that you can follow your accounting on dailybasis. (situation of suppliers and customers, turnover and expenses)

  • You encode your documents yourself and we will check and prepare VAT returns and annual accounts.


  • Creation of a company : meticulous analysis of your project(feasability, desired objectives) and support in the creation of your future company. We also intervene for any amendments to the articles, capital increase, company transformations (demerger, merger, acquisition, liquidation…)

  • Legal advice

  • Simulation of credit or subsidy application

  • Introduction of rebates and claims

  • Tax appeal and conciliation

  • Succession planning

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